CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 24

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
Bula to lia savere savere thand me but after document verification, my turn came at 2:00 pm…….3 members in Interview panel(2M, 1F)(One member asked questions in hindi, chairman and lady in English)
Kaafi kuchh dikh raha hai aapke co-curricular activities waale column me. Kis level pe aur kya khelo ho?

-Sir, chess khela hai zonal aur national level pe. Under water robotics me college level pe.
1.What is castling in chess ?
2. WHat is check, chekmate and stalemate?
3. Who is a grandmaster in chess?
4. Abhi no.1 kaun hai aur Anand ki rank kya hai ?
-Carlsen , anand ki 5 thi abhi yaad nahi sir.
5.FIDE kaun si rating estemaal karta hai?-Elo rating
6. Why elo rating is used in chess, y not simple ranking ?-told
7. What is distributed system?-told
8.what is Switching theory?-told
L1(lady starts)
9. U have mentioned in ur hobby, watching lawn tennis matches ?
-yes mam
10. No. 1 in men singles doubles, women singles doubles?
-djokovic, bryan brothers, serena, roberta vicni/sara errani
11. which country do they belong to ?
-serbia, us, us, italy
12. name all grand slams n most prestigious of them all?-told
13. Who has won maximum number of grand slam singles
-In women margaret court(24) overall, after open era, steffi graff (22)
in mens federer(17)
14. Name the the first wild card entry to win wimbledon?-goran ivanevesic
15 Country?-Croatia
16. Name the player who was former world no.1 and won all grand slams except wimbledon?
(ye kya baat hui tennis dekhne me interest hai padhne me nahi): mam, I dont know.
ARe guess to karo…….Ivan Lendl
Pakka?-Mam, Guess me kya pakka hoga?
(All the members start smiling)
17. Yes, u r right…why he was in news?
-Mam, Andy Murray se uska breakup ho gaya tha kuchh din pehle.
(Whole board bursts into laughter, mera dimaag kharaab, hobby na likhi koi paap kardia)
-Mam, I mean he was Murray’s coach and now Murray has switched to a new coach.

18. Yes u right. Who is ur Favourite player?-Stanislas Wawrinka
19. Why?- strong forehand, one of the best single handed backhands. And his ability to play long rallies.
20. Why not federer?
-(ye kya baat hui)…Mam, federer became a synonym for winning matches, I wanted a bit a of unpredictability.
(Mam ka aatank khatm hua bhala)
21. What were u doing after Btech?
-Sir, preparing for government sector related examinations
22. U meant to say after doing btech from a prestigious university like BHU u have been preparing for class II grade related examinations?
-Sir, I am preapring for civils also(btana pada , bachne ka aur koi upaaya nahi tha)
23. Optionals kya hain?-Sir, sociology
24. What is social stratification?-told
25. What is social mobility?-told
26. What is sanskritization?-told
27. Give examples?-told
28. So, have u appeared for civils?
-Sir, gave mains in dec
29. To usme ho jaayega to isko chhod ke chale jaaoge
-haan sir.
30. Sahi baat hai, jana bhi chahiye. What is artificial intelligence?
31. What is quantum electrodynamics?
-No idea sir
32. What is DIRAC medal for theoretical physics?
-I dont know sir
33. Arey arey aap to comp science se hai, hum to physics me chale gaye
-(Wow, bahut badhiya)..I smiled back
34. Light has particle nature or wave nature?
-Sir, both.
35. Good, achha laga aapse milke. Goodluk
(AIsa kyun kaha, pata nahi, par kaano ko achha laga sun k)……Sewa samapt.

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