CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 23

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.
Centre Delhi
Board 4
Marks 460
Education Bsc Bed Msc
Three members MMF
Sir1(s1) old and slightly strict
Sir2(s2) middle aged very nice and helpful
Mam(m) very very sweet ( psychologist i think)
S1 so you donate blood regularly
Me yes sir

S1 tell me something about sickle cell anaemia
Me explained cause at genetic level, protein level symtons effect etc
S2 can it happen to anybody
Me no sir it is a genetic disease
S1 cause of malaria
Me answered
S1 tell me more
Me should I explain its life cycle
S1 no
Me so shoud I tell you about its host organisms
S1 no, tell me its vector
Me answered
S1 differentiate b/w cilia and flagella
Me gave two points of difference and said sorry sir itna he yaad hi

S2 what is zeroth law ( as i teach chemistry)
Me answered
S2 draw graph of pressure volume relationship
Me answered
S2 is it a straight line graph
Me yes sir and gave reason for my answer. he corrected me and stated that it is a curve. (He was right)
S2 what is entropy
Me answered
S2 relationship b/w entropy and heat
Me answered
S2 relationship b/w thermal energy and velocity
Me tried to drive it on given notepad
S2 you are thinking in right direction go on
Me but couldn’t complete it
S2 its ok. Aapko sab kuch ana chaheye aisa jaruri nhe
Me sir ki statement sunkar bda acha lgaa
Mam who is current CJI
Me answered
Mam hrd
Me answered
Mam women and child development minister
Me answered
Mam aapne office main Kaam kiya hai. Women ko sexually harass kiya jata hai
Me yes Mam, abhi society na he jyada educated hai na he mature. So aisa hota hai
Mam sexual harassmen main kya kya ata
Me answered
Mam esk against kuch hua hai
Me anti social sexual harassment conmittees bni hai sab Dept. Main
Mam aur kuch
Me yaad nhe Mam
Mam ye committee anti sexual harassment. Bill ane ki vajah se ban paye hai
Me yes Mam,yaad aa gaya
Mam ok you can go now
Me thanked all of them and left
Saare questions share kiye hai.
Engineering valo se technical questions bahut sare puche hai so be prepared.
mughse pahle vale candidate ne btaya ki usne mana kar diya tha tab bhi uhone bahut sare questions puch aur vo sorry. Sorry bolta raha.
Nothing from history, geography
Your graduation subjects are your strength(for this board)
Feeling awesome and satisfied

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