CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 21

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Interview Hope you like it.

Chennai – 05.01.2015,Reached SSC
Office by 9:30 Am … They asked me to
sign in the attendance list in which my
name was last but second… Its written
on the sheet as Board -1.
By this time u might have understood
the other formalities and doc verification
so am not mentioning them…
Interview time 17:00 hrs … Till then
every one was coming out with sad

faces as they were asked most
technical stuff… All r from Electronics
background who ever was screwed… I
was bit tensed inside but had a little
hope as I was Mechanical Engineering
Finally got call to enter the room…
Entered the room wished everyone and
they asked me to take my seat…
Two Gents – G1 and G2 and One Lady –
L1 were there in d panel… Though my
interview was almost last but second
they were looking very fresh… Were
cooperative and very Jovial…
M1 – So u kept name of one of d great
persons in the History… Why did ur
father kept this name?
M1 – K pls tell me what all u know
about him in brief…
M1 – Where he was born ?
M1 – Why he got that name?
And he was very very happy with my
answers and said so many keep names
of great leaders but they dont have at
least some basic knowledge about
L1 – Mr Ambedkar u have so many
certificates in Extra Curricular Activities ,
can u show them?
I removed all from my folder and
showed them all… All three looked at
L1 – Ur marks r good…u came from a
very reputed University why didn’t u get
a technical related Job(as I was
Working for Wipro)?
L1- Good u wrote here u were married
and a father of twin baby girls how r u
managing them at home?(As my wife is
working as Asst Manager ATC at
Airports Authority of India)
Answered and all were very
impressed… As I said no working father
will get that quality time to spend the
first two precious years of their
L1 – So ur hobbies r Cooking and
Singing… So u sing for ur children
while they sleep and Cook for ur wife
when she is in Office rite (with a
smiling face)…
M2 – U got first prize in Paper
Presentation… What was the topic?
M2 – U did some research on it ?Y u
got first prize?
M2 – Can u write for me the Navier
Stokes Equation?
Started writing but ended up with false
formula…He said no plm already its
been 7 years u completed ur
Graduation…so leave it…
M2 – How is Mathematics helpful in
Mechanical Engineering?
M2 – Gave one differentiation plm to
Solved it but only 50 % correct… Again
he said don’t worry… Its OK…
M2 – Wats ur first preference and Why?
Answered in detail…
M2 – Last question who was the First
Law minister of Independent India?
Dr B R Ambedkar sir…
M1 – Why he was given such
prestigious post?
He looked very happy…
They looked at each other and said u r
dome with ur Interview…
So before coming I said today is very
special day in my Life as am attending
Interview for my Dream Job and its my
Birthday… M1 and M2 stood and
wished me and blessed me… L1 also
wished me later… I said thanks and Left
the room…
Guys seeing the above interview pls tell
frankly how much I can Score?

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