CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 17

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.
Sharing my interview experience.
Date 9th jan NWR region
Reporting time: 8:30,am interview time 11 am
I enter the room and wished every one.
1 female and 2 males in the board.

They asked me to and sign attendance sheet
I thanked them and signed the attendance aheet after sitting.
M1: Where are u from?
I: I belong to gurgaon haryana sir.
M1: Tell me about hry election?
I: I told them 48 seats of bjp but he corrected me its 47
M1: Other parties?
I: Bsp Hjc
M1: What is HjC whose party is it?
I: Haryana janhit congress and its kuldeep bishnoi’s party
Mam u ask
F: What is Ncr?
I: Near capital region 
F: Which districts come in NCR?
I: Gurgaon faridabad sonepat and some part of faridabad
F: Aur?
I: Ghaziabad and noida from up.
F: What is the problem there?
I: Crime mam.
F: What kind of crimes?
I: Against women and theft etc.
F: Any suggestions.
I: People are not afraid of the law neither they are aware of it. So the educational system should be amended and there should be some provision of making people aware of the laws and the consequences of the crimes.
Everybody got satisfied with my answer 
M2: What is viscosity?
I: Answered but he corrected.
M2: Diff b/w 2stroke and 4stroke engine?
I: Answered in full detail.
M2: 3rd law of thermodynamics.
I: Sry sir not able to recall.
M2: Diesel engine?
I: Explained in full detail
M2: Petrol engine?
I: Answered in full details
M2: Bernoulli’s theorem?
I: Sry sir.
F: Its national capital region.
I: Thank you mam
You can leave now.
I left the room.
A peon came and told me i have been called again.
I entered the room
M1: What is lan gaming?
I: Answered but he wanted to know that whether its a sport or not.

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