CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 16

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.
My experience,
7th Jan , SSC MPR Raipur
Reported at 9 am , although my turn came at 3:30 pm . (20 people in 1st list they went to board one , i was on 17th number in 2nd list comprising, again,20 people.we went to board

2 )

Document verification and Interviews were being held simultaneously.
My board had 3 members : C (chairman) , L(lady) , M (male)
As i entered the hall greeted L first then , C&M
(I was a little shocked as even when i was speaking in english they kept asking me in hindi , so i had to keep switching between english and hindi.
But i m translating everything in english here , for the convenience of all)
C: So u r from damoh , tell me what is it famous for (it is not famous , so just told them about tourist locations and all )
I mentioned about a wildlife sanctuary , he asked me more about the road leading to it , places falling in between , and what they are famous for.
one is for its rasgulla , we both shared a gentle laugh here .
C: U work at L&T (no sir i used to , have left it for preparing for public services exams)
C:what’s the guarantee u wud get a job here , ….yes u want to come here , respect , power , growth blah blah but what guarantee (I told him atleast it gives me satisfaction that i am working in the direction of my goal )
C:In jainism u have principle of ‘aparigrah’ . but jain r rich . (told about the principle , y it cant be followed completely and other related stuff)
C: Y dont u try for upsc (as i have qualified MPPSC pre , UPSC CAPF written.)
Sir i will definitely try this year.
C gave the baton to the Lady now
L : why examiner , what is the job profile (answered)
L: So u have 78% in btech (no follow up ques)
and u have donated blood too .
hobbies are …. (It looked more like she was reading out to me my biodata form :P)
L : y left job , y coming here (C had already asked but told her about a new angle , my CSR initiatives in previous company…)
C comes again but only to ask M to take the baton
M: So u studied in SRM university, only rich ppl from north go to SRM , VIT etc .
Told him about the SRM entrance exam , and my failures in IITJEE and AIEEE (puraane zakhm kured diye :P) and also reasons like SRM gets 100% placements blah blah
M: i think it is at par with NITs . how was faculty n all
we had some discussion about indian education system , how it is more theory and less learning through practical methods.
C comes again
C: ok thank you .
me : thank you (with a glance to all 3 in unison)
<<well i dont know how people can recall everything , i think i have still missed a few questions , will edit the post if i recall any more.
i expect to get atleast 40-50 , rest the result will tell .
i have 462.5 , would 500 fetch me ITI ?>>

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