CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 15

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

Average interview..  
q-being an engineer, why u want to come in ssc jobs.. 

Answered but were smiling and telling that they r not 
q-what is photosynthesis ?
q- what is the exact process  
they wanted to here ‘respiration’ 
q-what is ‘photo’

q-governor of WB, RAJASTHAN , GUJRAT 
koi nahi pata tha sorry, sorry, sorry 
q-women cm with their party answered all 3 
q- tn me kya scene hai 
answered – women thi but not now.
Q- kaun hai fir?
said P. Rao (pata nahi sahi hai ya nahi  )
lady- your hobby is playing chess, social networking and cooking 
yes mam 
q-how can we save fuel while cooking 3 steps 
answered 3 but she was not satisfied with 3rd one 
q- name 3 root and 3 stem we eat ghanta kuch yaad tha  said potato only 
q- pressure cooker kis principle pe kaam karta hain 
answered – pascals law  and galiya suna  fir yaad aaya ki its charles law 
3rd man- tell me how a lathe works and how we ll do boring 
and make a barrel 
answered with detail 
ek do question aur the lathe related 
answered correctly 
then 1st man again- capital of Malaysia 
q-capital of Sri Lanka 
answered correctly 
okay u can go now thankyou 
me- thank you sir and sorry mam  she smiled 

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