CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 14

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.
Eastern region.
Interview started @1PM
there was 4 members including 1 lady.
As I indicate in image,
ch= chairman
m1= member.
m2= member.
m3= lady.
chairman welcomed me.
m3: what is the meaning of your name?
me= answered.
chairmen asked m1 to proceed.
m1= where are u from.
me= answered. (coochbehar)
m1= Tell something about the History of your district.
me= answered.
m1= what is the debatable issue regarding your district.
me= answered. (Tin bigha corridor problem)
m3= what is the relation with it to Berubari Case. (As my 

village is 10km far away from Berubari)
me= answered.
m1= Tin bigha corridor comes under which subdivision?
me= answered wrong. he corrected me.
m1= Is Berubari case significant relation with our 

me= mentioned Preamble related issue. keshabanandi varati case also mentioned.
m1=2times cross checked regarding both the case and the issue.
me= confidently stay with my own answer.
m1= How many process are there to amend constitution?
me= answer, but wrongly said from where the process is taken.
as I mention I teach the students of class 5-8 mathemetics
m2= ask me to make a graph about educational marks. and 
asked why my marks goes decreasing?
me= ans
m2= 23^25 ka unit digit nikal ke do.
me= ans
As I completed B.A. In English.
m3= shakespeare konsi country se tha?
m3= tell some drama of Shakespeare.
m3= Hamlet ki charecter ki naam bolo.
m3= Bengali ki konsa writer pasand hein?
m3= kuch works unse.
m3= Give a passive sentence and ask to transform it. ( )
m3= give a narration change.
m3= give a negative sentence , ask to make it affirmative 
me= affirmative nehi kar paya,,as I mentioned , I worked in a call centre.
ch= call centre mein kiya kam tha, salary, thora bahut residential part.
ab kiya karte ho?
total time aprox 22/23 min.
ab vagban jane kiya hoga

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