CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 13

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE- 5Jan , Delhi (Board No-5)

(I’m in Electronics & Communication)
There were three members in panel- two female members and one sardarji (Chairman was a lady)
#1 i was waiting outside the room and i was the first candidate to be called after lunch at about 3 pm..then they suddenly called my name and the assistant outside the gate said me to go inside and he opened the door for me to enter the there was no need to ask “May i come in”.
#2 i wished the mam first(Good afternoon mam) and then sardarji (good afternoon sir)
#3 they were going through my bio data form and the chairman mam started talking- you’re B.Tech 2012 pass out..why don’t u want to make career in your field…I replied in my way(i’m not going to repeat my answers)
#4 then she asked me what are my first and second preferences- i replied
#5 then she pointed out some drawbacks of my first preference and tried to prove second one the best as compared to my first preference- i justified in my own way
#6 then she asked me about an act related to my preference- i said sorry..i don’t know
#7 then she asked what is an ordinance-i replied
#8 then she asked recently in which fields modi govt has brought some ordinances- i replied
#9 then she asked why are they bringing ordinance for insurance sector-i replied
#10 then she asked what is the need to increase fdi..what will be its benefit-i replied
#11 then she asked if a person is of about 55 or 56 years old and an insurance agent goes to him for insurance..will it be beneficial for that old aged employee-i replied
#12 then she asked about ordinance of land rehabilitation bill and what are the sectors to be exempted from public assent and about sia also-i replied
#13 then she asked about my extra curricular activity which i had mentioned in my bio data form and also asked me to show my certificate 
#14 now mam asked sardarji to ask questions- sardarji asked me the relation between electronics and communication and how are they related to each other-i replied
#15 now sardarji asked me to tell about the revolution in electronics field in last decade-i replied
#16 now sardarji said he has done with me and asked other mam to ask me question…she asked about my hobby only and there was a discussion of about 2 or 3 minutes about it…..

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