CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 12

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

NWR [Panel was super cool]
Background: B.Tech[IT], Currently working in MNC, Hobby Cricket
I reached at 8:15 o’clock. Interview started at 1:30.
PANEL:- 2 Men 1 Woman

L1: So you have 80 percent in your graduation…that’s a very good percentage.
M2: So what project did you made in your college?
Me: Answered. Told them about the project made in last semester, about a multiplex online movie booking web portal.
M1: So tell me latest news about cricket. Yesterday’s news.
Me: Answered
M1: What are different format of cricket?
Me: Answered
M1: Cricket activities are controlled by which organization? Full Form Me: Answered
M1: Is test cricket mandatory to be of 5 days or it can be played for fewer days also?
Me: It is for 5 days only, if a team wins within 5 days then match is completed before 5 days.
M2: He corrected me saying, it can be played for four days also. It is not mandatory that it will be 5 day game only.
Me: I added yes I had studied that many years ago test matches used to be played for 7, 9 and 11 days also. He agreed.
Rest all questions were Punjab state specific mostly.
M2: Tell me Punjabi newspapers?
Me: I told them 2 newspapers.
L1: Tell me 1 more.
Me: Thought for few seconds and then told her another newspaper. She was satisfied with the answer.
L1: Has BJP always been BJP or it had some other name also.
Me: I told them I have no idea.
Lady said yes you probably were not even born at that time  
L1: What is symbol of BJP?
Me: Answered
M2: What is symbol for Congress?
Me: Answered
L1: Symbol of Shriomani Akali Dal Party?
Me: Answered
M2: What does Punjab mean?
Me: Answered. Land of 5 rivers
M2: Name the rivers.
Me: Answered
M2: Where are these rivers found? They are nowhere to be seen. [Laughing!]
M2: Tell me 5 famous personalities of Punjab from  any field
Me: First, Prakash Singh Badal, I fumbled and said Chief Minster of India: D:D LOL. I didn’t even realized before M1 and L1 said INDIA ?  Then I corrected my self.
Second, Navjot Singh Sidhu
L1: Why is he famous?
Me: Former Cricketer and MP
M2: Is he MP now?
Me: Thinking….M2 added did he stand in elections this time? Now I remembered. I said no. He didn’t.
M2: Who stood in his place?
Me: Arun Jaitley. And he lost
M2: Who won?
Me: I thought for some time, had Captain Amrinder Singh in my mind but didn’t speak as was not sure. Then L1 told its Captain Amrinder Singh. I relied that I had this name in my mind only.
Now back to main question 5 personalities
Third, I told them Captain Amrinder Singh: D  They started laughing 
L1: Why is he famous?
Me: Former CM
L1: What else is he famous for?
Me: Maharaja of Patiala.
Fourth, I said Yuvraj Singh and Fifth, Harbhajan Singh.
L1: All cricketers  You could have told few from Bollywood.
Me: I was not thinking on those lines 
L1: Okay you can go
Me: Thanks you 
No Technical questions were asked. Interview lasted for 10 minutes. They didn’t seem like testing knowledge. 
I am overall satisfied with the interview.
How you guys think i can get?

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