CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 11

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.

done with my Interview  The board was cordial and atmosphere was warm 
05 JAN New Delhi Board-04
length of interview -10 minutes
3 board members- 2 men and one women 
most of the questions asked about hobbies e.g. for visiting new places, travelling -question was which is the place you have recently visited as a tourist and follow up questions about the city and its whats special about it .
And second was regarding book reading -Which book you have recently read , who has got Booker of the Booker’s prize ?
2-3 questions were  regarding SSC and under which ministry it comes .
No questions from graduations subject.
Some tricky questions were about recent election in jharkhand and what was special about it and also about bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh , why it was bifurcated, what is special about Telangana? 
Another one was about what has recently happened Pakistan, what are your views about it . Who do u think have created Taliban and with the help of whom and what was the reason behind formation of Taliban? What is the future of the region according to you.
And a few questions were regarding CM’s of a few states like Seemandhra , Telangana, Jharkhand etc.
All in all they were not testing the mugged up info. but a well built knowledge .
It was a good experience. The board was very cordial . All in all it was a good experience. 
Wish you all best of luck for your Interviews 
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