CGL 13 Interview Experience Part 10

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We are sharing with you Interview Experience of CGL13 Hope you like it.
graduation: mechanical
3 BOARD MEMBERS,- 2women, 1man

m1: What is large  hadron collider and where is it  located.
ME: An experiment to find higgs particle and it is located in geneva
M1: What is the significance of it and what is its other name 
Me: this particle is responsible for mass and it is also called god particle 
M1: what is another name?
ME: don’t know 
M1: its higgs-boson , what is boson in it?
ME: its after indian scientist satyendra bose
M1: is the particle discovered
Me: yes 2013 noble prize for physics was given for its discovery.
M1: What are other subatomic particles?
Me: don’t know sir?
M1: but you have participated in physics talent search. (it was under extra curricular activities)
ME: sorry sir,(i thought in my mind that may be i should say quarks but was not confident )
M1: like quarks ,neutrino (and 2-3 more names i can’t remember)
ME: no sir ,(how can he ask this neither related to graduation nor a general science topic , i think its told in physics graduation)
M1: do you know profile of lathe tool?
Me: Yes sir,
M1: (he gave me a pen and paper) draw a detailed  diagram mentioning all the angles (i didn’t expected this )
Me: there are actually seven angles and it takes three diagram to explain all the angles ( i was not sure with any of them) but there is also one diagram which don’t  describe tool angles but angle between tool and workpiece which i knew very well. so i made it thinking  that  there is rare chance that he have detailed knowledge about it.
M1: (and i was right he only have detailed knowledge about it ) ok then what is the material of tool
ME: it depends on the workpiece, but generally we use tool steel
M1: what is the composition of tool steel?
Me: it is actually an alloy of iron and and ummm hmmm ahhh silicon
M1: what silicon?
ME: sorry its ummm hmmmm silicon carbide.
M1: are u sure sillicon carbide?
ME: sorry sir i’m confused don’t know
M1: Can you make iron carbide diagram?
Me: Yes sir ,(again the paper and pen)  made the diagram ( only the part that i can recall )
M1: what is value at lowest point (pointing to diagram )
Me: around 2% 
M1: not exact but close
M1: how many ammendments are being done till now ?
Me: don’t know 
M1: who designed national flag ?
Me: don’t know
M1: Describe our national embel
ME: found in sartnath temple , 1 lion , 1bull , 1 horse , 1chakra ,  
M1: are there only one wheel and lion and horse are from the front view what’s at the back?
Me: don’t know 
M1: what else is there ?
Me: slogan satyamev jayte which is derived from mundaka upanishada.
M1: very good, 
(passed to lady 1)
L1: what is information technology 
Me: didn’t knew exact defination but explained what ever best i can but  now i can’t recall  what i said.
L1: differnce between twitter and blog
Me: in twitter we have word limit of around 160 words but in blog we can write as long as we desire.
L1: some other difference?
Me: twitter is social networking site 
L1: which social networking site was closed in 2014?
Me: orkut
L1: reason
Me: people are now much attracted towards facebook because of its nice interface.
L1: what is global village
Me: don’t know
L1: you are supposed to know , us studied it in your high school
(all these IT related question are asked because i had mistakenly written one of my class 12th subjected of information practices as information technology, and she was fascinated with it and even shared it with colleagues that IT is now made a subject.)
L1: is there any service through which we can translate language in internet
Me: yes there is a service provided by google called google translation and there are also plug-ins for it.
L1: how can you use google translation service
ME: (like a noob) we open google and type google translation the first link will open the google translation page, there we can select the language to be converted.
L1 smiled and passed to  L2
L2: So, your hobby is chess, which indian player is famous for chess?
ME: vishwanathan anand
L2: Who is current champion ?
Me: magnus carlson
L2: where is he from ?
Me: norway
L2:  what is chipko andolan?
Me: movement to protect trees
L2: what is done in this movement ?
Me: the people sticked to the trees so that no one can cut them ]
L2: what is led
ME: light emiting diode
L2: did any one recieved any prize for it ?
Me: yes 2014 noble prize for physics 
L2: for which led was it given
ME: white (guessed i was confused with red and white)
L2: (but the anwer was ) its white

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