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We are sharing with you complete Job Profile of CSS shared  by Shweta Malhotra with us,Hope you will like it

Some stuff regarding salary and renumeration has been directly copied and pasted from my
previous posts. Apart from that a lot of material is  available about CSS on interent , so this article will have some overlapping content. And as always, it is based on empirical information collection and Inputs from my friend Anurag(name changed)(css, 2011 batch) Personally, I have a strong liking for FIELD posts. But among the DESK jobs offered by CGL, Divisional Accountant and Assistant (CSS) stand apart due to a number of positive factors associated with them. But CSS is the best of all “Assistant” posts offered by CGL(NOTE: The last sentence is my personal opinion, those who feel the other way need not criticize me).The controlling authority for the post is Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, Department of Personnel and Training. That means directly under Prime Minister’s Office Comes under the pay band (9300-34800) Grade pay 4600. Gross salary (without any deductions) at existing DA(107 %) , comes around 47000 . The salary is either more or equal to other posts of 4600 grade pay. What I exactly mean is that 47000
is the gross salary for all 4600 in TIER X cities (New Delhi, Mumbai,etc.). But other 4600 posts  can have posting in TIER Y, or TIER Z cities, where gross salary will be reduced to 44000(aprox.) and 42000 (approx.) respectively. But CSS has appointment always in New Delhi(a TIER X city), so salary is always maximum or equal to other posts of same grade pay. But there is a very basic difference b/w ASSISTANTS and INSPECTORS post. Inspectors (ITI, Customs, Preventive Officer, Examiner) are all EXECUTIVE posts, while Assistants (CSS, Railways, External Affairs, others) are all NON-EXECUTIVE 

Best & fastest among all DESK jobs. You can reach the level of Section Officer in a short span of 5-6 years. The hierarchical structure in CSS is given below 
(a)Assistant(Group B non Gazetted)-> PB2(9300-34800 Grade pay 4600) 
(b)Section Officer(Group B, Gazetted)-> PB2(9300-34800 Grade pay 4800) 
(c)Under Secretary(Group A)->PB3(15600-39100 Grade Pay 6600) 
(d)Joint Director->PB3(15600-39100 Grade Pay 7600) 
(e)Director ->PB4(37400-67400 Grade pay 8700) 
(f)Joint Secretary (to the Govt. of India)->PB4 (37400-67400 Grade pay 10000). Joint Secretary(to Central Govt.) is the apex position to which an Assistant(CSS) can reach. Always remember that this post of Joint Secretary is same as the one which comes in the career growth of an IAS officer. But IAS officer can go to the level of Secretary(Govt. of India) after JS while a CSS cannot go above Joint Secretary. So, agar IAS “”hi sapna tha aur nahi bann paaye, then u can choose CSS. 
Generally, it takes 5-6 years in CSS to reach the post of Section Officer. And after having worked for a period of 4 years as a Section Officer , your pay band will shift to PB3(15600-39100 Grade Pay 5400). Thus, u will get pay band 3 in 9-10 years of service.Secondly, after cadre restructuring of 2003, direct recruitment to Section Officer in CSS through UPSC has been stopped. So, most of the higher posts are occupied by CSS officers through promotion only and that’s why u wont feel inferiority complex to IRS,IAAS, as in other CGL posts. 

MYTH: Cut off for the CSS is lowest of all Assistant posts, isliye it’s the worst of all 
FACT: The above statement Is non-sensical and completely false. Lets have a look at the 
various reasons and facts for this :- 
(a) Every1 focuses on the lowest mark candidate opting for CSS. But the highest marks for CSS also need to be glanced through.
CGL 2010-580(Marks of topper was 584)(SOURCE:Cgl 2010 final writeup) 
CGL 2011-506.50(Marks of topper was 538) (SOURCE: Cgl 2011 final write up) 
CGL 2012-490.25(Marks of topper was 522.50)  (SOURCE: Cgl 2012 final write up) 
So, those candidates who have sound information regarding its work profile and have preference for DESK jobs ,give CSS as their first choice. 
(b) Second reason is that maximum vacancies occur in CSS(around 300-600), while External Affairs, Railways, etc, have very low number of vacant positions(around 10-50). This results low cut off for CSS. 
(c) CPT is the main culprit. A substantial number of good candidates either fail in CPT or do not opt for CSS in the preference list for the fear of CPT. As a result, a number of candidates with high ranks move towards other positions and consequently,cut off falls below further for CSS. 

 After the recommendations of CSS  Cadre Restructuring Committee 2003 were accepted, officials at every level(yes every level) are required to undergo mandatory training. The directly recruited Assistants would first report to ISTM, New Delhi (Institute of Secretariat Training and Management)to undergo a foundation training programme and thereafter will be allotted to different Ministries Such a comprehensive and standard training is unique to CSS. No other Assistant(Railways, External Affairs,etc.) posts undergo such a high class training at entry level. The participation and performance during the 
foundation training programme which is to be evaluated with a scheme of examination will have a bearing in the seniority of the direct recruitment. The duration of Direct Recruitment Assistant Foundation Course has been reduced to 16 weeks.The period of training will be a professional and comprehensive one and u will really enjoy it.Training duration of CSS is generally termed the honeymoon period, as u will have to spend only on mess charges and all ur salary will be ur savings. When u reach the level of Undersecretary , u will be required to undergo a compulsory three  week foreign component training. Plus, A refresher 
programme for all CSS officers of one week duration every two years which are outside the 
ambit of mandatory Cadre Training Plan. PECULIARITY1: As u know, SSC abolished 
 state preferences. And different departments have  different policies in relation to state allotment, some on random, some on alphabetical order(as exited in IAS till 2008) and some on merit. So, in CGL 2013, the only sure shot way to get Delhi posting with 100% guarantee is through css . 
Well, as u know that u have to pass CPT specially for CSS. Henceforth, u will be required to work on excel, word and power point. Agar IAS officer ka bachpan hota, to wo CSS ke jaisa hi hota i.e. a number of responsibilities but without power. U will be involved with a large number of departments and ministries and will enjoy great work diversity. Drafting, report preparation, replying to RTI queries,etc will comprise the major chunk of your workload. Now, there are two hindi terms BHOKAAL and RUTBA. Unfortunately, ye dono aapko CSS me nahi milenge . If u want them got for ITI<Examiner,etc. But no need to feel sad, because u will have considerable JUGAAD capacity and good level of IZZAT. Reality is that under CSS, u work across a number of departments and u come into contact with Ministers and numerous high level bureaucrats. U can develop strong networks with people of power and postion. So, u will indeed develop “KAAM NIKALWAANE(jugaadu)” waali capability with the passage of time. 
Regarding IZZAT, a person working is “SACHIVALAY”(Secretariat) is looked upon with 
considerable esteem and respect. I will cite a real life experience here. Do mahine pehle ki baat haiMy friend Anurag(name changed) (CSS, 2011 batch) and I were returning form Great India Palace(GIP), Noida .On the back seat, I was without helmet. In Noida, sector 33, we were caught by traffic SI. Thodi der conversation chali, and after Anu told  him that he works in SACHIVALAYA, matter was resolved w/o any challan, with SI last words,”Beta, 
dhyaan rakhna aage se”. What are the chances to EARN (if u know what I mean) in ITI : Well, at the entry level it is totally corruption free job. But when u reach the level of Section Officer, you get to monitor welfare schemes and programmes, at that point u can EARN(if u know what I mean ) 
MYTH2 : Heavy work load hota hai, and hence u cannot prepare for civil services or other higher examinations.
 –FACT2: Aisa koi heavy workload nahi hota. But yes , the workload is more than other desk jobs but much less than Assistant (Cypher). Secondly, regular drafting and report formulating work will not allow ur writing skills to rust. So, ur answer writing skills will improve. The job will support u in ur preparation for IAS and PCS. It has become a famous choice among engineers for ias preparation because the permanent posting is in DELHI, the mecca of UPSC. 

COMPARISON WITH OTHER MINISTRIES ( Railways, External Affairs,etc.) 
(a) A lot of stuff can be found for Railways, External Affairs, etc on internet. These are good posts but on certain parameters. Like Railways offers free all India 2nd Ac pass, high salary in foreign nations in External Affairs. But I call a post “good”, when it scores over other posts on a number of parameters. So, if u feel any different, please do not criticize me. 
(b)POSTING: For CSS, its New Delhi for whole life. For Railways it can be Rail Bhawan in Delhi or other regional headquarters like Lucknow. External Affairs : When in India, u can be posted in New Delhi or any regional passport offices. When abroad, sometimes u are posted in good nations ’embassies and consulates like USA, Britain,Belgium. But Indian embassies exist in Uganda, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria and other African nations also. 
So, posting wahaan bhi hoti hai , aur agar govt. compulsorily nahi bhejegi to koi jaayega hi nahi in nations me……hahahhahaha 
(c)WORK PROFILE & Environment : Work diversity is highest in CSS and in others it’s a little monotonous. Like in Tourism, CVC, Railways,etc. u will remain with your department for life unless a need for deputation arises which is rare. Work environment is generally good, but best for CSS because the work is always in headquarters in Delhi, which has best departmental offices. 
(d)PROMOTIONAL AVENUES: Without doubt its CSS. As u saw above u can reach Pay band 3 in 9-10 years, if u pass departmental examinations.While in other posts like Railways, external Affairs, etc. 8 years of compulsory service is required for being eligible for promotion for Section Officer. Then, u will have to qualify departmental exams. After u pass it, ur actual promotion will depend on ur seniority and the number of vacancies(which are very less ,7-10) while in case of CSS , vacancies are huge. So, if all goes will u will get ur first promotion in 10-12 years. 
e)So, after a span of 10 years, a CSS will be in pay band 3 with one promotion, on the verge of getting his second promotion. While in other ministries, most of the Assistants will be struggling for their first promotion. Moreover, a CSS gets 4-6 promotions during his service, and others manage most of the time only two. That is upto Under Secretary.
(f)NATURE OF DEPARTMENTAL EXAMINATIONS: Iti s descriptive with questions related to Constitution, polity and Central Services Rules for CSS. Others will have questions from Central Services Rules and department related. For example, questions on international affairs & relations are asked in External Affairs. If u want to see the departmental exam Question Papers, u can get year wise on UPSC’s site.
(g)TRAININGS: At entry level, (at Assistant), CSS has the most comprehensive training. However, at Under Secretary level in External Affairs, u become an IFS officer. And then ur training will be best of all i.e. u are attached to embassies and consulates
in foreign countries, just like an IFS officer.
All the above is based on my empirical research and communication with my friend. Choosing a post should depend on whether u want DESK or Field job, promotion chances,salary, work profile and job location. Different posts have different benefits, so consider these. But in my opinion, ITI is the best of all CGL posts, but
CSS is best of all Assistants. (last line is my personal opinion, if u feel any different, do not
criticize me).If u feel that the above post was OK, do like it because it feels good when ur work is appreciated.

Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by readers. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.
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