50 Current Affairs Questions for any Bank Interview

Hello Friends,
We are sharing with you most important Current affairs questions for  Bank Interviews.Hope you will like it.
1.what is PAHAL schme
2.PMJDy related question
3.what transform you think for BANKING industry
4.Are the wage revision proposal 19% by bank association is justified
5.why FII are not interested for BANK share
6.NITI ayog full form-no. of member,why a CEO,is this change the future of INDIA (HOW)
7.difference between FDI and FII
8.whatis BOP and balance of trade
9.What is CAD and how it differs from BOP
10.If a drunk customer will come to your bank ,then how will you treat him.
11.do you support bank association
12.what is will ful defaulter
13.why kolkata high court made judgement in support of kingfisher king malya.
14.what is direct and indirect tax.
15.how GST will change india’s tax collectioin
16.difference between PPF and EPF.
17.instrument under Section 80(C).
18.in which bank you have account and its interest rate.
19.what is twitter banking and who first coined thhis.
20.founder of BOB and present chairman of BOB .
21.gyan sangam heighlight.
22.why PSB banks are more diverse to NPA then Private peers.
23.who got BANKERS of the year award.
24.qhy the international oil price is down and the factor responsible for this.
25.last time oil price down at 2009 ,how it is different  this time.
26.is PMJDY justified for financial inclusion.
27.6 piller of PMJDY.
28.what is IMPS and new approach propsed under PMJDY to revive mobile transaction
29.what is NUUP and USSD.
30. do you use mobile banking.
31.why you don’t have a private bank account.
32.why people don’t intrested to save in postal despite it offers high interest rate.
33.apart from deposit ,what else you suuggest to a customer as an investment in bank.
34.what function you are like to perform as a branch manager.
35.If a customer will schold you during banking hour ,how will you react to him.
36.why BMB ,women have several option to open account in other bank ,didn’t you think this is a false investment to wow women voters.
37.what is sbi-touch banking.
38.which PSB bank has more number of branch.
what is mid sized bank and A category bank.
39.chairman of IBA .
40.How IBA is different from other bank association.
41.what is bank insurance model.
42.doyou think arvind kejeriwal will win in delhi election.
43.do you think kiran bedi(didi) is did the right choice to join BJP.(say what you belevie ,they expect your genunity never think what they fill .)
44.what is branch less banking.
45.why you chose BAnking sector.(if Btech –give the recent 15000 techi retrenchment example ).
46.what is CAMEL.
46.is Basel(III) is modified version of Basel(II).
47.how many security personal will gaurd US president .
48.what is NIRBHAY.
49.what is MOM mission ,its cost.
50.world bank recent comment  regarding indian economy.

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