100 important Questions for any Bank Interviews

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We are sharing with you 100 important Questions for any IBPS PO/Clerk Interviews.Hope you like it and don’t forget to discuss their answers in comments section so that you can help others also

1) How many PSU banks are there in India?
2) Which is the newest PSU bank to have been opened?
3) Which was the first PSU bank that was opened?
4) What do you mean by Scheduled Commercial and Scheduled Non-commercial banks?
5) Advantages of PSU banks over private banks.
6) What are the functions of RBI?

7) Repo rate, reverse repo rate, CRR, SLR, MSF, LAF definitions and elaborations. Why are they used?
8) Denominations of notes.
9) Different means of withdrawal and receipt of cash.
10) Modes of cash transfer (RTGS, NEFT)
11) Difference between RTGS and NEFT.
12) What is a CTS cheque?
13) How many types of cheque books can be issued?
14) What is overdraft facility?
15) What is demand draft?
16) Difference between DD and cheque.
17) What is a savings account?
18) What is a current account?
19) Difference between current account and savings account.
20) What is CASA?
21) Why is CASA a matter of concern for PSU banks?
22) What is KYC? Why is KYC important and what documents are required for KYC?
23) Who is a minor?
24) What is a loan?
25) What types of loans can be given?
26) What are Term Deposits?
27) What are the various types of deposits?
28) What are FD and RD?
29) Difference between fixed deposits and recurring deposits.
30) Define who is a defaulter.
31) From which sources do banks generate their profits?
32) What is meant by restructuring of a loan?
33) What is asset management?
34) What is asset reconstruction?
35) Define balance sheet and profit-loss statement.
36) Why do you want to be a banker?
37) Why do you want to join a PSU bank?
38) What is the future of banking?
39) What are predated and postdated cheques?
40) If a person having an account in Canara Bank is given a cheque by a person having his account in HDFC bank, how will this person get the credit in his account?
41) What is credit and debit?
42) What are credit cards and debit cards?
43) What is RuPay card?
44) What is PoS?
45) What is online banking and its modes?
46) What is a passbook?
47) What is bearer’s cheque?
48) Why is nomination required?
49) What is the role of a PO?
50) What is black money?
51) Max cash withdrawal limit from any ATM.
52) Why do cheques bounce?
53) How long is a cheque valid?
54) What are the features of a modern ATM machine?
55) What is meant by fixed and floating rate of interest?
56) Name some companies that have been financed by PSU banks?
57) What is Tier 1 capital?
58) What is Tier 2 capital?
59) What are BASEL norms?
60) What are BASEL 2 and BASEL 3 norms?
61) What is bank licensing and how is it basically done?
62) What is CRAR?
63) What is a Non-Performing Asset?
64) When does an asset become an NPA?
65) What is mortgaging and why is it done?
66) How long can a savings account remain active without any transaction?
67) What is bancassurance and why is it necessary?
68) Name some extra products sold by banks.
69) What is a mutual fund?
70) What is a Safe Deposit Locker?
71) What are NRE/NRO accounts?
72) What is a currency chest?
73) What is Forex?
74) What is the current figure of Forex reserves?
75) Which govt. sponsored schemes are run by banks?
76) What is the motive of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana?
77) What are the benefits under PMJDY?
78) Is it possible to add or remove names from any account?
79) What is priority sector lending?
80) Which sectors are included under priority sector?
81) What is MSME?
82) What is the difference between Micro, Small and medium enterprise?
83) What are T-bills, govt bonds and G-secs?
84) What is BRICS bank?
85) A person visits an ATM and swipes his card to withdraw cash worth Rs. 5000. He finds that the ATM is out of cash or has some technical issue due to which he does not receive the cash but the amount is debited from his account. Will the person lose this amount?
86) A person visits an ATM and swipes his card to withdraw some cash. As soon as the cash comes out, he receives a phone call and walks out of the ATM without taking the cash. After his phone call ends, he returns home forgetting that he has no cash. What will happen to the cash that had come out?
87) You are walking on the road and you find a cheque which is 10 days old and carries an amount of 1 lakh rupees. You walk into the nearest bank with the cheque. Will you receive the amount?
88) What is EMI and what are its pros and cons?
89) Why is PAN number important in your account profile?
90) Can an illiterate person be given a loan?
91) Can a minor be granted a loan?
92) I want to transfer money to my friend’s account at night. Is it possible to do so? If yes, how? If no, why not?
93) How does RBI check liquidity in the economy?
94) Can I open an account with RBI?
95) Why do deposit rates of banks change with time?
96) Current rate of interest in savings account.
97) How do banks insure their deposits and cash?
98) Can a bank ask for a loan or be granted one?
99) RBI norms for starting a bank.
100) Location of note printing presses.

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