Template for sending representation to SSC against wrong question in keys.

Hello Friends,
We are sharing again template for sending representation with you.
Here are the details of doing
You need to FAX the below content on 011-24364797 .Change your Form Number and Roll No and add your questions.


Shri Gopinath Nayak, US(Q.B) 
CGO Complex, Block No.12,
Lodhi Road , New Delhi-110003
Fax No.011-24364797
Subject:- Representation for the discrepancies related to questions/incorrect keys for Test Form 345RN3 CGL TIER-I 2014 held on 21.09.2014 Morning Session.

Sir, With due respect I would like to draw your kind attention towards some discrepancies in the question paper and the
answer keys as well. My name is …… (Category …). My ssc cgl 2013 tier II  Roll No. is ……
and Ticket No. is ….
My test form No. for tier II is 345RN3 dated 21.09.2014 Morning shift
345RN3 dated 21.09.2014 Morning Session
Question Number and Answers
Q-71  The sum of two numbers is equal to 20 and their difference is 25.The ratio of the two numbers is
(A)   9:7
(B)   7:9
(C)   3:5
(D)   2:7
Ans) According to the Answer Key answer is option ( A)
Actually For this question all answers are incorrect
so a=22.5 and b=-2.5 so ration of a and b is -9:1
Yours Faithfully
(SSC CGL 2014 Tier I  Exam Roll No:- ……)
Father Name:- ……

Date of Birth……..
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