Strategy for Reading Comprehension

Strategy for Reading Comprehension

Strategy for Reading Comprehension.Now we are sharing with you Strategy for Reading Comprehension how to attempt Reading Comprehension shared by Mr. Nishant Tyagi.hope you will like it

A question that haunts many candidates is that which of the following 2 approaches should be followed?
ð  Questions à Passage
ð  Passage à Questions
Some students feel that the 1st way is better, while some feel the 2nd is better. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.  
“Questions à Passage” Approach
“Passage à Questions” Approach
If one doesn’t read questions 1st, then (s)he doesn’t know at all about what to look for in the passage. Hence, one ends up re-reading the passage (partly or fully) many times while solving the questions.
If one does read questions 1st, then (s)he has too many question words and phrases dancing in his/her memory. Hence, while reading the passage, (s)he may:
a)      become confused and lose focus of what was to be found in the passage
b)      become anxious

Basically, one will be so absorbed in trying to locate where the answers occur that the underlying concept of “comprehension” (= understanding the passage as a whole) will be lost sight of.

Here, I am suggesting a hybrid way:
1)     Step 1: Read the 1st line and last line of each paragraph as quickly as you can and with as much understanding as you can.
2)     Step 2: Read all the Questions in one go. Now you know what exactly you need to find in the passage.
3)     Step 3: Now read the passage completely.
4)     Step 4: Proceed to the questions.

There are 2 merits of this approach. Before jumping to the passage, you will have an idea of
1.      what to look for (as you have read the questions)
2.      where to look for (as you have read the 1st line and last line of each paragraph)

Conclusion: Ultimately, for mastering this section, one will have to “Read! Read! And Read!” with full speed and full understanding. For this, reading newspapers specially hindu  and listening to AIR @ 9 pm will help a lot. After understanding the above Golden rules and strategy, one may practice previous year SSC questions from any reliable source. Believe me, no other step is required. If you follow the above approach religiously, you will definitely score more than 8/10 in RC questions.
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