Information about PREVENTIVE OFFICER (PO)

Information about PREVENTIVE OFFICER (PO)

He is posted in the pay band 9,300-34,800 with grade pay of Rs 4,600.
If posted in Headquarter—-Clerical/File work
If posted in the field—-Executive work e.g. prevention of smuggling, assessment of customs duty on goods, can arrest, seize , search, detain etc. on any kind of doubt of smuggling, and etc. Duty is round the clock (You have to work in day/night shift).

Uniform (Ashoka Stambha with 2 yellow strips) is a must.

His promotions in order are: 
1. Appraiser (Group-B Gazetted)
2. Assistant Commissioner
3. Deputy Commissioner
4. Joint Commissioner
5. Addl. Commissioner
6. Commissioner

There is a qualifying period of 8 years for the promotion to the post of Superintendent; means he cant be promoted to that post before completion of eight years of service as PO. 

There is a departmental exam for confirmation; without passing in that he cant be made confirmed; nor he can be promoted to the next post. Promotion period differs from zone to zone since there is zonal seniority. Generally his first promotion is in 8-9 years everywhere.

This post like the Examiner posts lies in  the same 6 zones, namely Kolkata, Kochin, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Mumbai and Goa.

On airports and at other places other than the coastal cities generally Excise Inspectors are deputed and they only perform the duties of a Preventive Officer, and hence are seen in white uniform.

Note: Being Group-B service, the age relaxation for UR central govt employees servicing for 3 years continuously is 5 years for this post. For reserved categories add to it the usual age relaxation available to them.

Courtesy of SANTOSH ANAND BHAAI SAHAB (Preventive Officer)

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

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