Information about ASSISTANT IN CSS

This is a post in the pay band 9,300-34,800 with grade pay of RS 4,600.
As this is now the lowest post in CSS one is supposed to do every work that a clerk does; like typing, noting, drafting and all file work. Without typing you cant do. I have learnt that SO, Under Secretary and even Deputy Secretary has to do the same kind of work except some minor change
An Assistant in CSS is appointed in offices of various ministries except MEA, Railway, Defence etc. He can be promoted to the next post i.e. SO (Group-B Gazetted) in two ways………….one by taking departmental exam and passing it and secondly without. One becomes eligible for the departmental exam after completion of 5 years of service…….means he could become an SO after 6 years. Otherwise one generally gets promotion in around 10 years of service.

An Assistant in CSS is posted in various ministries and is a DELHI job primarily. ┬áThe best post for persons aspiring to spend their whole service tenure in Delhi and willing to prepare for higher/further exams. Out of Delhi transfer is possible only on a candidate’s option, so no need to worry for getting another state other than Delhi.

Nature of Work:
Be it CSS or Railway or any other department an Assistant has to do clerical work, but he is much above an LDC. His nature of work is generally refined. This post is equal to a HEAD CLERK in fact.

1. Section Officer (SO), which is a group-B gazetted post associated with Grade Pay (GP) of Rs 4,800. SECTION OFFICER is fixed in the next GP of 5,400 in Pay Band-III (15,600-39,000) after completion of 4 years tenure as SO unlike all other posts of CGL which are fixed in grade pay of 5400 in Pay Band-II (9300-34800) after 4 years in the next promotion, however he continues to be in group-B till the next promotion.
2. Under Secretary with GP of Rs 6,600
3. Deputy Secretary with GP of Rs 7,600
4. Director with GP of Rs 8,700

Credits:Maha Gupta Sir

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