ASSISTANT (Both General & Cypher) IN MEA

ASSISTANT (Both General & Cypher) IN MEA
This is a post in the pay band 9,300-34,800 with grade pay of RS 4,600.

Salary in hand
inhand salary after 107% DA and all deductions in X,Y,Z city is Rs 40001,36631,34917

Information about Foregin posting
The most sought post under CGLE due to charm of foreign posting and hefty salary package. In foreign posting you’ll get US $1,800 to 2,900 (Rs 1,10,000 to 1,70,000) as foreign allowance depending on the country you are posted in, in addition to your basic pay; and US $400 to 600 as other allowances such as heating or cold allowance. 
If a person is interested in a foreign posting he is given a few choices for the needed postings and he is posted according to those choices preferably. There is no compulsion from the ministry on a foreign posting. If you want you can spend your whole of the service tenure in Delhi itself also. You can get even HOME POSTING in RPO (Regional Passport Office.) 

You don’t get foreign posting under 2 years of your joining generally. Foreign countries are divided under 5 categories, namely A+, A, B, C and HARD-C. 
Name of some countries under different categories are hereunder:
A+: New York, Toronto, Washington DC, Wellington, Geneva, etc.
A: London, Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, Tokyo, Berlin, etc.
B: Shikago, Warshaw, Zurich, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Stockholm, Moscow, etc.
C: Thimpu, Kuwait, Manila, Bangkok, Hawana, etc.
HARD-C: Kabul, Damascus, Kandhar, Mazar-e-Sarif, etc.
Assistant (General) gets foreign posting for a period of 3 years normally in one single instance, while it’s a period of 6 years for Assistant (Cypher) after which either you are back in Delhi or are transferred in another country directly from there. In HARD-C countries the posting is only for 1.5 or 2 years. You can carry your own car or bike with you when you are posted abroad, and are entitled to carry 1,500 Kg of luggage. When on a foreign posting you get elite class medical facilities for yourself and dependent family members. 
Cyphor Asst. is a little different from Asst. (general) because they have to do the task of coding and decoding of some highly confidential language in addition. Cypher has night shifts also and has to work for 6 days. A system of 2 days off and 2 days will be night shift… no Saturday-Sunday like system.

Promotion Prospective:
1. Assistant to Administrative Officer in 5 years (If you clear the departmental exam)
Otherwise a promotion in this post is very slow.
2. Under Secretary (IFS) 
3. Deputy Secretary 
4. Director 
5. Joint Secretary 4 years. 
In small countries the Director is posted as the Head of Mission (Consulate General of India).  Joint Secretary is an Ambassador level post.
When you become Under Secretary you’ll get IFS Cadre and UPSC will allot you a batch year; thereafter you can call yourself IFS officer. Under Secretary is entitled to get one servant service when posted in a foreign country. 

While posted in the HQ you’ll get type-III accommodation (2 rooms  + drawing room). MEA has its own quarters at Dawarka, Delhi. There is no waiting list like  other ministries/departments where 6,000 or so are found to be in wait everytime and it takes almost 7-8 years for a govt flat to be allotted. In MEA you can get a flat to be allotted after the completion of one year in service. If one or more years of service tenure has already been completed by you in any other department, you can get a govt flat allotted straightaway on your joining of MEA.
In foreign posting the govt provides 3 BHK fully furnished flat in which all household items are there such as refrigerator, sofa, bed, etc. If by chance you don’t get the govt accommodation in time you are entitled to get accommodation in a FIVE-STAR HOTEL with your entire family with you residing.

Child Education:
In foreign postings your children are getting education in world’s best universities such as Cambridge, Howard, New York, American Inter-continental, etc.
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