Job Profile of AUDITOR CAG Pay band – This is a post in the pay band 5,200-20,200 With grade pay of RS 2,800.

Job Profile of CAG Auditor
CAG is the institutional head of IAAD(Indian Audit & Accounts Dept). IAAD is an autonomous body, not controlled By any ministry. On the other hand CGDA (Controller General of Defence Accounts) and CGA (Controller General Of Accounts) work under Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Finance respectively.You can learn more about the three Departments CAG,CGDA,cgain their respective websites. 
In IAAD there are many wings like Railway Audit, Commercial Audit, Civil Audit, Scientific Audit, Economic And Revenue Audit, Central Govt Audit etc. CAG HQ allots The candidates in these wings generally on random basis. 
Promotion and Departmental Exams:
First there is a confirmatory exam after joining.there are 6 chances to pass this exam.If you will not pass you can Demoted to clerk(1900Grade Pay) but this exam is with book Exam(you can take book to write answers) and very easy. Promotion from AUDITOR to SR AUDITOR in 3 complete years (as on 1st JAN) and if you pass departmental  SAS Exam then You can become  AAO(Eligible after 2/3 Years after joining Auditor depending upon vacancy) and promotion from AAO to AO(usually 8-10 years)and AO to SR AO(2/3 YEARS) and then  DY AG/AG (highest post by promotion).
in civil audit the highest authority for a state is principal accountant general, nominated post by upsc. below that is the rank of DY AG/AG which may be either promoted or nominated. 
Now If you do not clear SAS you cannot be promoted as as AAO.If some one fails in SAS and not able to pass this Exam you will get MACP after 10 years continuous service After senior auditor(4200 grade pay) and your grade pay will be 4600 after 10 years and in the same way  4800 grade pay,5400 grade Pay after consequent 10 years service.  But done lose hope sometimes its better to stay as an Aditor as AAO Sr AO or AO are the ones at receiving End.Auditor sometimes has no work in IAAD you can get Salary and also start a part time small business.

Note:We have heard that grade pay increase when you are promoted but your basic pay is fixed but we are not sure about this

SAS is online MCQ Type Exam but is is tough as many Auditors experienced. SAS contains  9 PAPERS and even if You pass all test sometime you have to wait for vacancies For promotion
Note:We have heard that SAS exam pattern for CGA and CGDA auditor is different  may be description.We have not much information about that Exams yet  

no interstate transfer in IAAD, mutual transfer and deputation is permitted. mutual transfer is not very easy and transfer on spouse ground is also not easy. so high chances are that u may retire in the same state where u joined.
Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by auditors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

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