How to prepare for Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) for CSS

How to prepare for Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)  for CSS

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In this section we will give you brief idea about Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)  for CSS 
Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) includes 3 modules :

Word Processing – 
Candidates are given a printed english passage that has to be typed in the computer. It is not exactly Microsoft Word but their own software. No formatting(bold, italics etc) is needed. Only typing has to be done. One has to type 2000 characters(depressions) in 15minutes. This will not be a big deal if you practice on your computer. 

Spreadsheets – 
Candidates are required to work on Microsoft Excel software and create a spreadsheet as they provide in a printed sheet. Some things will have to be calculated using formulas of MS Excel like profits, percentages etc.. Only simple formulas are needed but one must have a basic understanding of MS Excel here. Time of 15minutes will be given. Version 2007 was used in my CPT attended in Delhi.Don’t forget to broder around the table, the most common mistake you’ll see after taking the printout. If you are familiar with basic functions of MS Excel, you can pass this as well.

Generation of slides – 
A printed sheet showing a print-out of a single slide will be given. Candidates will have to create a slide similar to the one given in Microsoft Powerpoint. Knowledge of header, footer, inserting date/time and file address will be required. Time of 15minutes will be given. Version 2007 was used in my CPT attended in Delhi.

the given below information we got from forum not sure about this info.
“Make the headline BOLD.The bullet list must have ‘Times New Roman font’ and ’13 px’ font size.
Add Background to the slide.Write roll number in footer using Georgia font having size 10 pixels.
With thes instructions, you’ll have to make a single (or max. 2 slides) in 15 minutes. If you know the basics of MS Powerpoint, you can finish it in 5 minutes. After completion, take printout, write the name, roll number & put your sign and submit it”

In upcoming post we will try to post sample Exercises if possible
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