Some candidates of CGL 2013 Re-examination have
represented to the Commission and the Government regarding
alleged irregularities such as allowing those candidates to appear
in re-examination who did not appear in CGL 2013 examination
conducted earlier which was cancelled and increase in cut off by
about 20% in CGL 2013 re-examination because of large scale
 It is clarified that all the candidates who have cleared Tier-II
examination did appear in original CGL 2013 examination which
was cancelled. The candidates whose names/roll number did not
figure in the initial result are those who did not fill mandatory
field in their OMR sheets leading to their result not figuring in the

result of original exam.
 Increase in cut off could be due to many reasons. The
Commission received no complaint of malpractices during CGL
2013 re-examination where the Commission used jammers to
ensure that there was no cheating through Bluetooth
technology. The higher cut off could be due to the level of
difficulty of the question paper being lower and about a year’s
additional time the candidates got for preparation.
 Some candidates have also represented that SSC has
changed the format of declaration of result to hide critical data.
The Commission was earlier publishing result in the format
in which any candidate could see the details of the marks of any
other candidate. Many candidates have, from time to time,
expressed unhappiness over the details of their result being
accessible to other candidates. Those candidates who did not do
well in the examination expressed that details of results being
seen by others was a violation of their right to privacy. Taking
note of their concern the Commission has adopted the new
The Commission has also noticed a facebook account which
may mislead some candidates to think that it is the official
facebook account of the Staff Selection Commission. The
Commission would like to clarify that as on date it does not have
an official account on facebook, twitter handle or Instagram. Till now the
 Commission has avoided having an official account on
these social websites to have only one official website to interact
with candidates i.e. “” to avoid any confusion.

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