Daily Plan for Mastering Vocabulary for English

General Guidelines for mastering vocabulary section:
1)      One needs to spend at least 1.5-2 hours on daily basis. This includes:
a)      around 30 minutes for reading newspaper editorial and jotting down difficult words
b)      around 25-30 minutes for listening to AIR news @ 9.
c)      another 20 minutes for finding the meanings of those difficult words
d)      around 15-20 minutes dedicated to 10 idioms
e)      around 15-20 minutes dedicated to 10 phrasal verbs
f)       around 15 minutes dedicated to 10 prepositions twice/thrice a week depending upon the candidate.
2)      Aspirants may record the word-meanings in their mobile phones  in their own voice and then listen to them while travelling in the bus/ cooking/ sitting idly/ etc. Believe me, this one step will ensue a sea change in your preparation. Candidates are advised to adopt and follow this rigorously.

3)      After a few days, don’t just read newspaper mechanically. Try to find the words/idioms/phrasal verbs/prepositions which you have already learnt in the section which you read.
4)      Please note that I have not included the “Spell Check” questions as a separate category since these will automatically get covered if you follow the above approach. To be specific, “gathering” the words from newspapers and writing them down in your notebook will itself help you to remember the spellings. For those who still find it difficult, writing the spellings 10-20 times is suggested.
5)      Please remember that Vocabulary section cannot be mastered in a short period. Yes, it is true that some candidates who mug up “rattafy” this section at the 11th hour may score well in the exam. However, they will not be able to retain that information because it has been pushed into their brains at a very fast rate. The underlying concept is to gradually feed the brain with words, idioms, phrasal verbs so that the brain absorbs them for a lifetime. After all, who amongst us wouldn’t want to be adept at English speaking/writing?

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