All about Job Profile of Central Excise Inspector by Santhosh Kumar (CEI)

Job Profile of Central Excise Inspector
This is a post in the pay band 9,300-34,800 with grade pay of RS 4,600.
If posted in Headquarter—-Clerical/File work If posted in the field (like a range etc)—-Executive work e.g. augmentation of central excise & Service tax etc, detection of evasion of taxes etc.
Uniform (khaki) is there but generally optional to wear.

Physical Requirement
For male Candidates
Height 157.5 cms.
Chest 81 cms. (fully expanded with a minimum expanses of 5 cms.) and Walking : 1600 metres in 15 minutes.
Cycling : 8 Kms. In 30 minutes for cex , po and exam
For Female Candidates
Height 152 cms.
Weight 48 Kgs. and Walking : 1 Km. in 20 minutes.
Cycling : 3 Kms. in 25 minute

EXI inhand salary after 107% DA and all deductions in X,Y,Z city is Rs 40001,36631,34917

transfer to home state depends on ur applying ground and vacancy and two commnst co-operation. If u r released properly and vacancy available and specially on spouse ground u can be transferred fast
Central Excise has three section-cex, service tax and land customs. As I am both central Excise and service tax Inspector ,after two years of period u can opt for customs (land ) or preventive in deputation

Duties performed by CEX
Work of CEX- Generally basic work starts from Range level. At range level u have to check the returns filed by assesses and maintain the registers and records of the range. In time of export or refund case of goods , u have to visit factory to check the proper duty rebate claim and export details

Previously it was like that in some zones it takes 20 years(chennai zone) for a CEI to become supdt(Superitendent of Central Excise) but now it will take tleast 10 years to become supdt(after cadre restructuring) and then to AC(Assisstant Commissioner) 15-18 years.

CEX after Cader Restructing and GST Implementation
Cadre restruct and GST will definitely boost the role of cei in tax collection.Gst effect depends on the harmonious decision of govt. of india and states. So it is not completely confirmed. But present govt. is trying better. Expected soon. If gst applied, state sales tax etc. will come under cex and authority and power will increase as well as duty things have changed dramatically after cadre restructuring. now in any zone promotion to supdt will take a max of 10 years only upto DC(Deputy Commisioner) atleast and if u join before 25 years of age JC(Joint Commisioner) seems possible now.Promotion aspects may be expected better than earlier. One may be promoted to AC level. I have seen AC, DC promoted from Inspectors.Still depending on CEX zone, as inspector promotional seniorioty is made on the zone basis, not all India seniority list. So It varies from zone to zone. In orissa zone or south promotion aspects are much better. In bengal one may be expected to be supdt. in 10-12 years minimum after cad rest.
it has to be noted that south india( TN AP KAR KERALA) forms 60 percent of vacancies and Gujarat has some far share too(10%) in cei. So u have to score exceeding well to secure home state posting like UP BIHAR RAJ. Otherwise you have to stay in south for minimum 2 years period and this may be longer also

Future Opportunities
If u develop knowledge in Excise u can become a consultant after resigning from here. If u r a good consultant u can earn several lakhs per month in this field