Final Tips for SSC CGL Mains

It is seen too often that thousands of aspirants are in zero-awarded list. Many a time we are well prepared for answering the questions and expecting good score too. But all goes in vain just for our sheer ignorance of other important things. Sometimes we can score better but again sometimes we tend to do some silly mistakes. Please read the following points and keep them in mind; if you do so I’m sure no doubt you will feel at home.
1. Fill your personal details like name, roll number, test form number etc on the first page of the OMR sheet very carefully and make sure nothing is left without a good attempt. For that you should take with yourself a plane scale so that your codes are marked in appropriate boxes. For all this exercise we get half an hour, which by no means is less. So always be sure that everything is there at its due place correctly.
2. Don’t ever forget to mark your LTI(left hand thumb impression) at the appropriate place.
3. As soon as you are ordered to open your text booklet cross the VH section of the questions as there is no chance left of making it attempted by mistake.
4. Always keep cool however the level of the paper is as loosing cool will harm you only. That coolness will surely help you in fetching maximum marks possible.
Thanks to  Maha Sir

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