How to Prepare for Reasoning (SSC)

Reasoning in SSC is only of 50 out of 600 marks . So give your time accordingly. It requires daily practice of hardly 1 hour once you have gone through all type of questions. One and only thing PRACTICE will lead you to success.

Books you should have : RS AGGARWAL 

MK Pandey´s book is mainly for Higher level reasoning questions. Questions being  asked directly from this book in Bank PO exams but you should do Syllogism  and Puzzles and Blood Relation questions from this book. This book is like a teacher instructing you on the desk. Step by step approach is given  and this book is  written from exam point of view. Trust me, Study religiously and you will get the fruit.

Let us do some category wise analysis of Reasoning below is the picture of questions that were asked from various sections in last three years.

Now, from above chart it is clear that most of questions being asked from Series, which include Dictionary word arrangement, Analogy, Odd pair, missing number, missing letter, ranking  etc.
Arrangement Includes Line,table , circle,

Logic includes syllogism, venn diagrams, statement assumtions
Non verbal includes Water image, mirror image, cutting folding etc
 After enough amount of practice, you will find your weak areas. Don´t worry you are on a right track. Try to solve your problems with the help of peers or teacher.

Give some extra time to your weak areas, it´s completely okay to make mistakes at home andrectify them but these mistakes must not be done in the exam.Very soon you will make your own strategy, according to your requirements.

Do Reasoning in the night, because it is interesting and you will not feel drowsy in the night. Do not overdo. Don´t try to do all of the Reasoning in one day, give some rest to mind also.

When you have gone through all of the sections, use some mock test papers from here. Set a timer and try to solve questions in time bound manner.Try to improve your performance. It will give you exam like environment.

You will be comfortable  in the real exam and SSC exam will be walk in the park for you.
Remember PRACTICE is the key to success. If you have any doubt, you may contact me.

This concludes strategy for Reasoning and have a nice day..

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