Some interesting facts about SSC CGL posts

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We are sharing with you some interesting facts about SSC CGL posts

• Promotion wise best job:- Assistant in CSS, ITI, Assistant in AFHQ
• Exposure wise:- Assistant in CSS, Assistant in Mea,Sub Inspector in CBI
• Pay wise including allowance:-General Assistant orCypher Assistant if posted outside India ,Assistant in Intelligence Bureau or Assistant in CSS depends upon posting, Assistant in Railway or ITI

• Nature of Job wise:- Assistant, Sub-Inspector in CBI, Auditor
• Home Posting Wise:-Auditor, Accountant or Junior Accountant, Statistical Investigator
• Potential to earn money through Unconstitutional means or Corruption wise:-Examiner, Excise-Inspector, Preventive Officer, ITI or Divisional Accountant
• Authority immediately after joining:- Sub-Inspector in CBI,Examiner, Division Accountant
• Relaxation wise means discretion to do the job:- Divisional Accountant, Auditor, Statistical Investigator-II
• To leave permanently in Power Corridor wise:- Assistant in CSS only
• Close relationship with politicians:- Assistant in CSS only
• Influence on Society:- Assistant in CSS only
• Multi-dimensional Job wise:-Assistant in CSS only

• The Most Influence of post on the following types on people
1. On villager :- Assistant in CSS-In Hindi:-केंद्रीय सचिवालय सेवा-Say I work in सचिवालय
2. On student from Village back-ground:- Assistant in CSS-In Hindi:-केंद्रीय सचिवालय सेवा
3. On urban student:-Sub-Inspector in CBI or ITI or Examiner or Excise equally
4. On urban adventurous student- Sub-Inspector in CBI
5. On highly educated People means Doctorate, Lawyer:- Assistant in CSS-In Hindi:-केंद्रीय सचिवालय सेवा
6. On children:-Sub Inspector in CBI
7. Educated Aged:- Assistant in CSS-In Hindi:-केंद्रीय सचिवालय सेवा
8. On GOI or State employees:- Assistant in CSS-In Hindi:-केंद्रीय सचिवालय सेवा
9. Students who reads about public administration:- Assistant in CSS-In Hindi:-केंद्रीय सचिवालय सेवा
10. One who prefer money nothing else:-Examiner only
11. Local or Even big Goons:-SI in CBI
12. On small level Politicians:-SI in CBI
13. On railway, post and telegrapher and PSU:- SI in CBI

• Students prefer which posts as their first preference:-Examiner or ITI equally.ITI a little preferable even over Examiner.
• Charming designation name wise: – Assistant Enforcement Officer, Examiner, Income Tax Inspector or Central Excise equally, Preventive Officer.
• Supportive Colleagues wise:-Any assistant Job, Accountant, Auditor
• The best training Wise:-Assistant in CSS,SI in CBI
• Those who wanted to prepare for IAS:-Assistant in CSS, ITI, Auditor
• The Worst promotion wise:-Excise Inspector or Preventive Officer equally, AEO, Job with small cadre like Assistant in Enforcement Directorate
• To be in contact with some top bureaucrats of the country:-Assistant in CSS only
• Power wise different posts:-
1. To show power to corporate when investigating big economic offences:- Assistant Enforcement Officer though he only do what he is directed to.
2. Power wise in day to day matter:- Examiner
3. To handle different types of cases of the most powerful people: CBI
4. Power in making policy:-Assistant in CSS
5. Power in gaining money:-Examiner or Excise- Inspector
6. Power in pin-pointing mistakes:-Auditor
7. Risky situation wise:-SI in CBI, Assistant Enforcement Officer, Preventive Officer
8. To know some biggest secrets of the country:- Assistant in CSS only
9. To know some secrets related to intelligence gathering:-Assistant in Intelligence bureau or Assistant in CSS equally, Cypher Assistant in MEA, SI in CBI
Note: – A few exception in contrary to public belief
• ITI has no power which candidates initially belief, after becoming ITO he has a few marginal powers though exercise after taking permission from Assistant Commissioner.
• The Condition of AEO is same as ITI
• Examiner gains authority from his very first day.
• The “Chatak life” people talk about is only in SI in CBI. Similar to State Government police job. After a few time a few lazy people founds this job quite.
headache. Good for those who really wants
headache. Good job for daring people.
• When assistant takes 2 promotions, it is equal to 3 promotion of Inspector post.
•Mostly Preventive Officer tries to switch their job after joining.
• Risk factors outweigh money consideration in Preventive Officer, ITI.
• No money in AEO.
• No more corruption at Inspector level in Income Tax as It was earlier used to be. Those who do at this level are being caught owing to ethical conduct by the colleagues who are not on money earning sit.
• In excise a only a few gets chance to earn money not everyone.
• There is no difference between State Government Police Job, Delhi Police or SI in CBI.

Disclaimer: All above information are based on experience given by readers. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.


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